Kamran K. McGee

Head Commercial Strategy & Marketing

Serial Entrepreneur, passionate for starting and developing companies for win -win partnerships, with 15 years of C-Level corporate exposure in real estate, financial markets sectors in UK, Pakistan and Dubai, managed setting up companies’ strategy, making higher stakes decisions and making day to day operations align with company’s strategic goals. His deep understanding of corporate culture, leadership skills, business expertise and team building, and team handling abilities helped the companies he worked for, to keep their plan on track and accelerated their growth in value and revenues. As Business Graduate from Pakistan and with vast experience in financial markets and tradin of currencies, crypto currencies, stocks in International Financial Markets for over a 3 decades he has knack for developing digitized business solutions as well and is well abreast with latest disruptive technologies employed by today’s businesses.

Accelerating company’s revenues with concerted team efforts, setting up various channels for broadening company’s investor base, enhancing customers relationships and project awareness are his specialties.