App/Software: Our custom-built Android/iOS application can be downloaded on any smartphone to record and upload audio files for transcription. DeCrypta App facilitates the user to directly upload the audio file with a push of the “Submit” button to our cloud server. InfoTech is in the process of developing its RCM (Medical Billing) software – integrated into DeCrypta which will be launched shortly.

To avail of the service, download the application from the Google Play and App Store, subscribe to our Premium service, and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve

Accuracy: We take the transcription process very seriously and understand the value of our clients’ time, therefore, we go the extra mile in making sure that the quality in the accuracy of our transcripts is up to 99%.

TAT: The average turnaround time (TAT) with InfoTech is approximately 18 hours as the difference in the time zones gives us an extra 9 hours to produce the transcripts. With the commitment of a 24 hours TAT, we are always on time.