Welcome to our Patient Help Desk!

At InfoTech, we provide comprehensive support to patients. Our services include patient billing support, insurance verification assistance, and appointment scheduling for convenience. We offer telehealth services for remote consultations and personalized financial counselling to manage healthcare costs effectively.

Our team assists in resolving billing disputes and advocates for fair reimbursement. We also negotiate with insurers to minimize out-of-network charges. Trust us for dedicated support and seamless patient experiences.


Patient Billing Support

Providing assistance to patients with understanding their medical bills, explaining insurance coverage and benefits, and offering payment plans or financial assistance options.

Insurance Verification Assistance

Assisting patients with verifying their insurance coverage, benefits, and eligibility for medical services, helping them understand their out-of-pocket expenses and potential financial responsibilities.

Appointment Scheduling

Facilitating the scheduling of appointments for patients, including coordinating with healthcare providers’ schedules and offering flexible appointment times to accommodate patients’ needs.

Telehealth Services

Providing access to telehealth services for patients who prefer remote consultations or are unable to visit the healthcare facility in person, to ensure flexibility in accessing medical care by managing telehealth appointments.

Financial Counselling

Providing personalized financial counseling to patients, helping them understand their medical expenses, insurance coverage, and available payment options to manage healthcare costs effectively.

Billing Dispute Resolution

Assisting patients with resolving billing disputes or discrepancies, advocating on their behalf to ensure fair and accurate billing practices.

Out-of-Network Negotiations

Negotiating with insurers on behalf of the patient/provider to minimize out-of-network charges and ensure fair reimbursement for services rendered.