Welcome to our Credentialing & Enrolment Services!

At InfoTech, we specialize in managing provider credentialing and enrolment with insurance networks. Our team ensures compliance by verifying credentials and facilitating enrolment applications, including re-credentialing to maintain ongoing participation. We coordinate provider privileging and manage CAQH profiles for streamlined processes.

Additionally, we assist in expanding network participation and negotiate favorable terms with insurance companies. Our provider compliance monitoring ensures ongoing adherence to requirements, safeguarding against reimbursement issues. Partner with us to navigate credentialing complexities and focus on delivering quality care.

Provider Credentialing

Managing the process of verifying and validating healthcare provider credentials, licenses, and certifications with insurance companies, ensuring compliance with payer requirements.

Provider Enrollment

Facilitating the enrollment process for healthcare providers with insurance networks, including completing and submitting enrollment applications, tracking progress, and ensuring timely approval.


Regularly reviewing and updating provider credentials to maintain compliance with payer requirements and ensure continued participation in insurance networks.

Provider Privileging

Coordinating the privileging process for healthcare providers at hospitals or healthcare facilities, ensuring that providers have the necessary credentials to perform specific procedures or services.

CAQH Profile Management

Managing and updating provider profiles in the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) database, ensuring accuracy and completeness for streamlined credentialing and enrollment processes.

Provider Network Expansion

Assisting healthcare providers in expanding their network participation by identifying and pursuing new contracting opportunities with insurance companies and payer networks.

Contract Negotiation

Negotiating favorable terms and reimbursement rates with insurance companies on behalf of healthcare providers, ensuring fair compensation for services rendered.

Provider Compliance Monitoring

Monitoring provider compliance with insurance network requirements, including maintaining up-to-date credentials, licenses, and certifications, to prevent potential issues with reimbursement or network participation.